Ben & Jerry's Fair Tweets

Project Description

Ben & Jerry’s wanted us to help them spread the word about World Fair Trade Day. Naturally, we turned to one of the best word-spreading places there is: twitter. That’s when we had an epiphany: People hardly ever use all 140 characters when they tweet, so all those unused characters go to waste. But what if we could put those leftover twitter characters to good use? So we created Fair Tweets, an application that automatically fills in any unused space in a tweet with a message about World Fair Trade Day and a link to an article about Fair Trade.


People from all over the world used Fair Tweets to donate their unused twitter characters to Fair Trade. Over a two week period, with no media buy, and a production budget of only $29,000, Fair Tweets picked up over 40 million media impressions, went out to over 12 million twitter users and the project was written up in over 1,300 blogs and newspapers around the world. To date, over 500,000 characters that would have otherwise gone unused have instead been donated to help spread the world about Fair Trade. Now that’s fair.